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Latest News

CDS acquire new Leica Viva GNSS GPS units

CDS Surveys acquire new Leica Viva GNSS GPS units, with Leica smartnett licences. This means we can work at full precision in ordinance survey grid and levels. Leica smartnett is enabled by the network of ordinance survey base stations, which delivers corrections at millimetre level. Ordinance survey coordinates and levels are vital to survey flood risks, and sea defences. This system is used by all authorities.


Constructionline Approved

CDS Surveys are now Constructionine Approved.

The Constructionline scheme was created to avoid repeated applications by suppliers and contractors to become approved as local authority suppliers and also to improve health and safety in businesses.

The Constructionline assessment scheme, although mainly used by local authorities and government departments, is also available for use by any organisation looking to short list suppliers and contractors and can save time and money for all parties.

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